plato academy - an independent school inspired by hellenic ideals
“Do not train youth to learning by force or harshness, but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so you may discover with accuracy the regular bent of the genius of each...” 
                                                              Plato,  The Republic

¨... Μή τοίνυν βία είπον, ώ άρεστε, τούς παίδας εν τοίς μαθήμασιν αλλά παιζοντας τρέφε, ίνα καί μάλλον οίός τής καθαραν έφ ο έκαστος πέφυκεν  ...¨  
                                                               Πλάτων, Πολιτεία

Our Philosophy
Plato, the great philosopher, saw education as a life-long learning process, a vigorous and constant search for truth in a free democratic environment. Plato Academy embraces this idea, striving to provide children with a solid foundation for excellence through learning, development of the creative personality in each one of them, and especially the development of critical thinking.
Our Curriculum
Plato Academy’s curriculum reflects how children truly learn. The educational program at Plato Academy stems from the belief that children gain a more thorough understanding of a subject if they experience it holistically. The Academy’s students ponder questions and explore concepts through an integrated study of mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, fine arts, and physical education. Service learning lies at the core, providing a springboard for knowledge and skill acquisition for even the youngest of children. Computers are utilized throughout the curriculum as a tool for students to find information and to construct and communicate new knowledge. Our curriculum is process as well as content. In accordance with best practices, teachers awaken in students a need and desire to figure things out. Critical thinking is valued over rote learning. Education at Plato Academy takes place within a strong classroom community. Social and academic understanding, meaning and knowledge are explored and constructed through negotiation and dialogue with the guidance of the teacher. Students are engaged with an interdisciplinary curriculum that promotes intellectual rigor as well as empathy and ethical awareness. We prepare students to become true members of a democratic society.
QUICK FACTS (that make Plato unique)
  • Founded in 1952
  • Average class size is 12 students
  • Full-day Preschool and Kindergarten
  • In-depth exploration of projects of interest for all ages
  • Service learning integrated into curriculum leading students to "praxis" (informed committed action)
  • Modern Greek language and classical studies for Pre-K through 8th grade
  • Spanish language instruction Pre-K through 8th grade
  • Fine Arts Program: Modern Dance and Movement, Studio Art, Musical Experience Class, Theatre/Drama
  • Constructivist learning environment based on Piaget and Vygotsky

Graduates were admitted to St. Ignatius College Prep, Loyola Academy, Regina Dominican, New Trier Honors program, Glenbrook South Honors Program, Lane Tech College Prep, St. Viator High School, Trinity International Baccalaureate, Whitney Young,  North Ridge College Prep