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Demetra Londos from Glenview, IL Earns Place on  Dean's List at Berklee College of Music
Berklee College of Music announces that Demetra Londos of Glenview has earned placement on the Dean’s List for the spring semester of the 2013 academic year. To be eligible for this honor, a full-time student must achieve a grade point average of 3.4 or above; a part-time student must achieve a grade point average of 3.6 or above.The Berklee curriculum focuses on practical career preparation for today’s music industry. Four-year degrees are offered in Performance, Jazz Composition, Music Production & Engineering, Film Scoring, Music Business/Management, Composition, Music Synthesis, Contemporary Writing & Production, Music Education, Songwriting, Music Therapy, and Professional Music.Berklee College of Music was founded on the revolutionary principle that the best way to prepare students for careers in music was through the study and practice of contemporary music. For over half a century, the college has evolved constantly to reflect the state of the art of music and the music business. With over a dozen performance and nonperformance majors, a diverse and talented student body representing over 70 countries, and a music industry "who's who" of alumni, Berklee is the world's premier learning lab for the music of today -- and tomorrow.For more information on Berklee College of Music, please visit

The Take-Away: Restaurateur Taki Kastanis

Taki Kastanis, 36, is founder of Yolk breakfast and lunch restaurants, with three locations and one opening soon in Ogilvie Transportation Center. He is single but talking marriage with his girlfriend of 11 months.
Read any good books lately? I've only read one book (all the way through) in my whole life: "Lord of the Flies." I have a short attention span. But I do read a lot of business-oriented magazines, newsletters and emails.
How did you do in school? I was probably a B student. I dropped out of (University of Illinois at Chicago's) business school after three years to open my first breakfast restaurant at 21.
What's on your bucket list? To drive in a Formula One race. My No. 1 love is cars, other than food and restaurants.
Your ride? A 2012 Porsche Panamera GTS that I drive on a track in Joliet as often as I can. I have a 2014 Porsche 911 GT3 coming in October.
Very flashy! Other than cars I don't flaunt anything, but I'm a big watch guy. Most people can't tell if they are expensive. My favorite is the Audemars (Piguet) Bumblebee ($32,000).
You're planning a vacation. What's key? I want to sit on a nice Mediterranean beach and do nothing for a week. Of course, I'm still on my iPhone, iPad and emails.
Which technology do you love to hate? Anything not Apple. From a business point of view, I like the way my Apple devices sync all my data.
Karaoke—yes or no? Love it. I'm not shy at all, so any chance to get on stage and be the center of attention is fun. No alcohol needed. I don't drink much.
When's the last time you laughed until your cheeks hurt? Last Christmas I recorded a music video of me in a pair of pajamas singing "Donde Esta Santa Claus?" as a gift for my family. It was originally sung in 1958 by a 12-year-old kid.

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Boy's artistic talent ratified in contest
Glenview student's poster on Constitution wins national honors.  Kimon Bolaris, in his classroom at Plato Academy in Morton Grove, is the son of Greek immigrants. "A lot of winners are immigrant kids," says Martha Childers of the GovDoc Kids Group. "Their families know what the freedoms are." (Photo for the Tribune by Andrew A. Nelles / December 8, 2009)

By Peter Cameron
Special to the Tribune
December 11, 2009

When you're the youngest of four boys in a large Greek family, recognition can be in short supply.  So the day Kimon Bolaris heard his painting had been chosen from an international pool of almost 2,400 entries as a winner in the third annual GovDoc Kids Group Constitution Day Poster contest, his reaction was understandable  "I was really shocked and happy," the Glenview boy said.  Kimon (pronounced "Key-moan"), a 12-year-old seventh-grader at Plato Academy in Morton Grove, was in the school office making copies when the vice principal got the congratulatory e-mail and told him the news.  Kimon was one of 13 winners from 37 states and Department of Defense schools in Italy, Japan and Korea.  The GovDoc Kids Group, an association of librarians and archivists, holds the contest to promote the use of democracy and to encourage children to learn about such government documents as the Constitution.  Kimon's watercolor painting features a red-and-white-striped circle against a blue sky. The words "We the people..." adorn the top of the circle. Stars rest below.  "It's dramatic, it's striking," said Martha Childers, a coordinator for the GovDoc Kids Group and a librarian at the Johnson County Library in Kansas. "When you look at it, you go, 'wow.' "  It's supposed to be the Earth as an American flag," Kimon said. "America is the land of opportunity and freedom, and I think the whole world should be free."

As the son of Greek immigrants, Kimon is not the first winner of the poster contest with foreign-born parents living in the United States.  "A lot of winners are immigrant kids," Childers said. "Their families know what the freedoms are, and the families that are old stock kind of take it for granted."  Having Plato Academy students participate in the contest was the idea of Kimon's visual arts teacher, Kathy Hatzopoulos, to honor Constitution Day on Sept. 17. His win came as no surprise to /her.  "Kimon is a very fun and witty child," Hatzopoulos said. "His work is definitely beyond his age."

Along with art, Kimon's favorite class is literature. Outside of school he likes kicking a soccer ball around with his brothers, playing the piano and performing every couple of months with his Greek dance troupe in retirement homes and banquet halls.  For his effort, Kimon will receive a certificate and two theater-size posters of his painting.  He plans to hang one poster on the wall in his bedroom and the other somewhere else in the house -- perha-ps in a place where his brothers can see it too.

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St. Viator celebrates a goal during its run to the  Blackhawk Cup championship game.
St. Viator  senior John Campanelli did not have an impressive tryout for new head coach  Chris Lappin. But Lappin is glad he kept Campanelli on board because he has been  key in the Lions' drive to play for a state hockey title at 6:30 p.m. tonight.  "Blocking shots are the little things that coach said win championships,"  Campanelli says. Learn more about Campanelli in our story and an in-depth video  interview.
John Campanelli is a 2008 graduate of Plato Academy.