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Ka. Despina T. - Greek Teacher
Ka. Eleni N. - Greek Teacher
Ka. Eleni K. - Greek Teacher / Pre-K Assistant Teacher
Ka. Olga B. - Greek Teacher / After School Greek Enrichment
Ka. Despina Kaikisiz-Toufexis
Ka. Despina Kaikisiz-Toufexis
My name is Despina Kaikisiz-Toufexis and I will be teaching Greek at Plato Academy this year. I was previously with Plato Academy from 2000-2008 and returned in 2012. I'm excited to be back again! I am a graduate of the Pedagogical Academy of Alexandroupolis and have been teaching at various Archdiocese of Chicago and private schools in the Chicagoland area since 1985. My goal is to inspire and guide my students with love and respect while fostering their intellectual development through teaching of the Greek language. I believe that with continuous effort, patience, and dedication, the sky is the limit, and I am excited for another successful school year!
Ka. Eleni Nikolakakou
Eleni Nikolakakou was born and raised in Sparti, Greece. She graduated from the “Pedagogical Department of Elementary Education” to the School of Humanist and Social Science of the University of Patras, in 2007. Her working experience as a teacher since then is in greek schools as a teacher, sub-director and supervisor. She loves children because they are themselves and she believes that “when one teaches, two learn”. She is passionate with Greek philosophy and Greek language.
Ka. Eleni Nikolakakou
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